NAPIT backs fire safety

Frank Bertie, Chief Technical Officer at NAPIT, explains why NAPIT endorses the Electrical Fire Safety Week 2023 initiative

This year, the Electrical Fire Safety Week takes place from Monday 4th December. It is an initiative set up by Electrical Safety First, which works with the Home Office to promote electrical fire safety in the home. This year’s campaign specifically focused on safety during the holiday season.

Overloading the Christmas tree with fairy lights, as well as adding the giant flashing reindeers to the house can help us get into the spirit of Christmas, but are you aware of the potential hazards associated with the added electrical pressure? 

Over half of all accidental fires are caused by electricity, and nine out of 10 electrical fires are caused by electrical products. Being aware and being mindful of these dangers could keep you and your loved ones safe this Christmas.

Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees can pose a greater fire risk than artificial trees. Below are some tips to follow to keep your tree as safe as can be this Christmas:

  • Use 30 mA RCD plug/socket-outlet for any electrical lighting or decorations – it is important not to let the tree dry out
  • Do not spray hairspray on the tree in order to prevent needles from falling
  • Make sure the tree is kept away from sources of heat, such as portable heaters
  • Be sure that the lights on the tree are in a safe operating condition

Party time

When getting ready for another Christmas party, remember to turn off your hair appliances after using.

Deck the halls

Christmas lights are indeed beautiful, but make sure you give them a break by not leaving them on overnight or unattended as they could overheat and become a fire hazard. It is also recommended to avoid overloading the sockets.

Fully charged

Be mindful of leaving devices on charge unattended, or of buying cheaper or incorrect chargers.

Cooking up a storm

When the house is full, it can be very easy to become distracted, particularly if Buck’s Fizz was served with breakfast. Nevertheless, ensure dinner is closely monitored.


Please refer to the following links provided by Electrical Safety First for more information on keeping safe this holiday season:

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