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Head of NAPIT Training, Michael Collinge, discusses the launch of the Premier Training Academy – A new uniform brand which will encompass all NAPIT training centres.

Head of Training Michael Collinge

This year, NAPIT will be launching the Premier Training Academy to showcase the quality, class-room based training that we offer, and create a new brand for our members to benefit from.

NAPIT Training centres will now be known as Premier Training Academy to enforce this new uniform brand. We are pleased to announce that a new training centre will be opened in the South-East to serve domestic and commercial gas installers. When considering these developments, we are confident that the Premier Training Academy represents a significant step forward for NAPIT.

Over the years, NAPIT has had a variety of different trading names for its training centres in Bristol, Mansfield and Oldham – with each specialising in different areas of the building services industry. This will continue through the Premier Training Academy, as there will be training opportunities in the following key areas – Premier Electrical Training, Premier Renewables Training and Premier Gas Training. Mansfield will host Premier Electrical Training, with Bristol and Oldham offering both Premier Electrical and Premier Renewables Training.  Premier Gas Training will be offered with the launch of our new gas training centre in Sevenoaks, which close to south-east London and is off junction 5 of the M25 and junction 2A of the M20.

The Premier Training Academy will help customers to distinguish between NAPIT’s separate training centres and the services that each offer. It is worth mentioning that all of the benefits from choosing NAPIT Training will still apply with Premier Training Academy, provided that the prerequisite requirements for the desired course are met. These include:

Highly qualified and experienced trainers to guide you through each course.

Free use of the latest tools and equipment.

High pass rates.

As mentioned, the Premier Training Academy will offer Premier Gas Training with the launch of the new gas training centre in Sevenoaks, close to South-East London and junctions M25 and M20. Alongside gas training, the centre will also offer electrical and locksmith training – thus extending the training opportunities for our members in the South-East. Like our other centres, the Premier Gas Training Centre will provide expert-led training and guidance for those looking to enhance their skills as a professional tradesperson. The training content itself will cover both domestic and commercial gas work and there will be access to a variety of tools and literature, alongside refreshments and a complementary lunch as per the benefits of all Premier Training Academy centres.

The National Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) training provided has a requirement for gas installers to demonstrate their competence to Gas Safe and work in accordance with relevant industry legislation. Below are two key courses that will be provided at the Premier Gas Training Centre:

Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety and Appliances Course

The Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety and Appliances Course available at Sevenoaks includes training and assessment of Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1), Central Heating Boilers and Instant Water Heaters (CENWAT), Gas Cookers (CKR1) and Gas Fires/ Heaters (HTR1).

This course, which takes up to five days to complete, is ideal for anyone who wishes to work on domestic gas installations and appliances. Completing the course allows candidates to work in the gas industry in accordance with the limitations of the Gas Safe register. CCN1, and the relevant appliance units, are required for anyone wishing to work on domestic gas installations and appliances up to 70KW input. On completion of the course, candidates will receive a certificate of competence recognised by the Gas Safe. It can be taken first time or as a reassessment, whilst units can also be taken individually.

Core Commercial Heating Natural Gas Safety and Appliances Course

The Core Commercial Heating Natural Gas Safety and Appliances Course is required for anyone wishing to work on non-domestic gas heating installations over 70KW input, including commercial heating and hot water appliances. As with the domestic course, candidates will receive a certificate of competence upon completion and the course can be undertaken in the same way.

Through these two courses, the gas training centre adds to the academy’s portfolio of professional training services. It is hoped that in the future Premier Gas Training will feature at other Premier Training Academy centres, thus expanding it to other areas of the country.

To conclude, the Premier Training Academy represents a significant step forward for NAPIT as it looks to expand the training opportunities that it offers to members across the country. In turn, members will have more avenues to gain knowledge and boost their careers, as well as attracting work and greater recognition. The Premier Training Academy goes hand in hand with NAPIT’s core philosophy of promoting higher standards and competence within the industries that we represent. For this reason, we at NAPIT are incredibly excited by the new opportunities that the Premier Training Academy brings.

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